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Franchise Operations Manuals

Franchise Operations Manuals are required by lawEvery franchised business must have a detailed set of manuals that teach the franchisees to operate every phase of the business. These are required by law.

A set of manuals may include any or all of these:

  • Operations Manual
  • Sales and Marketing Manual
  • Human Resources Manual
  • Pre-Opening Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Recipe Manual
  • Employee Manual
  • Computer Systems Manual

I specialize in analyzing your systems and documenting them into a comprehensive set of manuals. Your manuals are custom-written in an easy-to-read style. I include graphics and color to entice your franchisees to keep reading. Most of my clients use my manuals as textbooks for their training classes as well.

  • You don't yet have some of the systems that are necessary for franchisees? I'll supply them for you, ready to implement.
  • No inventory system? No problem.
  • No front cashier system? I'll write one for you.

Every set of manuals is priced differently, depending upon the complexity of your business and the materials that you already have available. Call me to discuss your needs; I can give you a quick estimate by phone and a firm price after we talk in detail.