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Did you realize that there are lots of people who enjoy their work? ...People who go in each day looking forward to the day's business? Just lucky, you say?

Absolutely not.

When you're picking a job, a business, a life...the most important thing is to

Know Yourself

At many points in your life you come to turning points, and depending upon your choices at those points, your life goes in a different direction.

You hit that first turning point as a senior in high school when you were asked to make a decision about “what are you going to be (when you grow up).” You made a decision, based on very little knowledge, about which college to attend (or not), and about what vocation you would follow, possibly for the rest of your life.

You hit another turning point when you got out of college (or the military). Your dad said to get a job, and so you did - you took whatever someone offered (or you went into the military). Then later another job was offered that paid more money, so you switched, and another; and you zig-zagged through life on the career path that so many of us take - the path of least resistance.

Somewhere along the way, though, you start to feel that your life isn’t exactly on the track that you would like. You hit a job that you hate - you have to force yourself to go in every morning. Or you feel mired in a no-growth dead-end job. And you look around and see others who are happy - who enjoy their work or their business - and you think, “They’re either lucky or stupid - no one enjoys working!”

The secret to finding a business you enjoy and a life you love is to determine what makes you happy and then go after it!

In order to do that, you need to examine your personality style, your likes and dislikes, and your overall goals. Easier said than done, so let’s go after it systematically. In this first article we’ll examine the most basic thing to consider -- your personality.

If you are trapped in a job or business that you hate, examine the requirements of the position and how it relates to your personality. Chances are that it is not satisfying some of your deepest needs or it requires that you act against your basic nature.

For the purpose of this article, let’s assume there are four main personality types. Of course many of us are a combination of several of these, but in general, there is one style that stands out for each of us.

The businesses that each personality will choose are considerably different! Just look at the people close to you - would you let your dad or your spouse choose your next job? You might end up as an accountant or flower shop owner.

You have to pick what’s right for YOU. If you are one personality stuck in a job that suits another, you will feel like a misfit - you will not understand the enthusiasm of the others around you; and they are probably wondering why you don’t get with the program. So which are you:

Achiever - These people thrive on challenge, like to lead, and make decisions easily. Once they figure out a problem, though, they want to go on to the next thing. Achievers need control, and if they are stuck in a job where there is much supervision or repetition, there is much unhappiness.

Influencer - These people are drivers and strongly competitive! They push to make as much money as possible - more is better - and love the image and recognition of success. If they are caught in a no-growth job or don’t see the money coming soon, they’ll be off to something else.

Belonger -- This group of people are hardworking and family-oriented and are happiest when they are part of a team. They are dependable, conservative, and adverse to risk.

Societally Conscious - These people care about people, the environment, and the world. Money is not the driver here - helping others through education, charitable works, and family life are the motivators. Usually a well-educated group, they value knowledge and want to make a difference in the world.

So, let’s look at some horrible matches:

The Achiever buys a sandwich franchise to escape the bureaucracy of a dead-end job, only to be caught in the most repetitive business there is - food! Achievers die a quick death making sandwiches - can’t stand the repetition! They belong in management where they can have complete control and build the business their way. A business-to-business service franchise is perfect.

The Belonger takes a computer programming job and sits alone in a cubicle all day long.

Belongers wilt in lonely jobs - they should have bought the sandwich or postal franchise and schmoozed with the customers all day long.

The Societally Conscious finds out that his company sells toxic chemicals overseas. Societally Conscious people should own educational franchises or recycling plants!

The Influencer takes a job with the government. Not enough pay and zero image! Enterprisers should be in sales and marketing businesses where they can be movers and shakers.

If you are at a turning point in your life where you are seeking greater happiness in what you do and greater control over your destiny, examine your personality style compared with your present job - chances are that it is not satisfying some of your very basic needs. With those needs in mind, plan to analyze future endeavors as to how they will fulfill your life - not just give you a few bucks.

Written by Cheri Carroll
Copyright 2000